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Mother Earth Water Packaged Drinking Water

Moya - Mother Earth Water, is pleased to introduce itself as a new entrant in the market for supply of revitalizing, refreshing, pure clean & healthy mineralized water.

Soft Drinking Water

Water is a nutrient that is most essential to your body's needs that is present in liquids, plain water, and foods. Moya packaged package drinking water is the best soft drinking water that boosts you with energy and added minerals.

Chlorine Free Water

Moya packaged drinking water is completely chlorine-free and smell-free, which gives a seamless experience of smooth taste. We deliver the best quality at an affordable price and this makes us to be the first choice of customers.

Pure Mineralized Water

Moya packaged drinking water promises the assurance of clean and safe drinking water. Every single drop of Moya goes through a rigorous process of hygiene and quality. Added minerals in our packaged drinking water make it more smooth and more suitable for one's health. we keep your trust alive in each drop of our purity.

Our Process

Moya packaged drinking water assures complete hygiene in processing water from ground end to final packaged product. We collect water from the handpump which is already a significant source of clean and hygiene water afterward collection is processed to make this disinfectant, hygienic, and added minerals with 100% purity.

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Why Bottled Water?

Water Bottles

We Deliver Bottles

Understanding the needs of customers, we offer our products in different categories which have their own specific features.

2 Litre bottles

For an individual, our 2-liter water bottle fulfills all the daily needs of drinking water. You can purchase our water 2 litre water bottle or it can be delivered at your doorsteps..


1 Litre bottles

Our 1-Litre water bottle caters to the daily drinking and cooking need of single-family. Our pure and hygienic water boosts your family's immunity and health.


500 ml Bottles

Catering to the one-time need of an individual through our 500 ml bottle. Cost-effective and fully pure water is assured in each drop.


250 ml Bottles

Catering to the instant need of an individual through our 250 ml bottles. Purely refreshing mother earth water.


Purity to the Max

Health Certificates

Quality Water Standard

Deep Water Filtration

Shortly About Us

Learn about Moya - Mother Earth Water

Moya packaged drinking water ensures hygienic, clean, and safe drinking water. Every single drop of Moya goes through a rigorous process of hygiene and quality. Our packaged drinking water ensures to keep alive your trust with our every single drop of water. Moya presents the goodness of nature and processes it with advanced safety, integrated technologies, and quality control, to bring an unmatched level of purity and give a seamless smooth taste to our customers. Added minerals enriches the taste and makes us the leading brand in the mineral water industry.


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